The objective of this competition is to develop closer ties across the European community of haiku creators (although haiku authors from other parts of the world are welcome to submit entries as well). Starting 2018 we are planning one competition yearly: EUROPEAN KUKAI (in 2013-2017 we organized 4 separate quarterly competitions in each year: EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI). The competition is led in cooperation with the Publishing House KONTEKST from Poznań.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Results of the European Quarterly Kukai #6 - Summer 2014 Edition

Topic of the sixth edition the participants EQK was fully exploited. There were: a drop of dew, waterfalls and the ocean. We also recorded "fine rain", "stormy night" and "summer shower". The authors jumped from "dry river" to "flooded village" and "Titanic". It's just a snapshot of the competition which was attended by 179 authors from 41 countries (6 continents). The current edition was distinguished by high and balanced level of submitted haiku, hence negligible differences in top positions. This time won Rosa Clement from the kingdom of football: Brazil. Second place for the residents of Moscow: Natalia Kuznetsova and the third for Anitha Varma from India. We thank to all participants for a common rejoicing in the contest. You are welcome to seventh edition of European Quarterly Kukai.

the EQK team

6th edition: 179 authors, 41 countries:
Australia (8), Austria (3), Bangladesh (1), Belgium (1), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2), Brasil (2), Bulgaria (15), Canada (4), Colombia (1), Croatia (9), Denmark (1), France (4), Germany (15), Ghana (1), Hungary (2), India (19), Indonesia (2), Iran (1), Israel (1), Italy (3), Lithuania (7), Macedonia (1), Malaysia (1), Mongolia (1), Montenegro (3), The Nederlands (2), Nepal (1), New Zealand (2), Philippines (3), Poland (9), Romania (14), Russia (4), Serbia (3), Switzerland (3), Trinidad and Tobago (1), Ukraine (1), United Kingdom (7), USA (17), Japan (2), Singapore (1), United Arab Emirates (1)  


#121 Rosa Clement, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
(7-3-8) = 35 pts

stormy night
my umbrella gets home
before I do


#51 Natalia Kuznetsova, Moscow, Russia
(6-5-6) = 34 pts

flooded village...
a boy on the cottage roof
clutching his puppy


#49 Anitha Varma, Kerala, India
(5-7-2) = 31 pts

summer showers...
I taste the salt of a
distant sea

25 points – 4th place (3):

wishing well -
the hollow sound
my penny made

#41 Arvinder Kaur, Chandigarh, India
(2-7-5) = 25 pts

after the rain
in each hanging droplet
the world upside down

#118 Kashinath Karmakar, Durgapur, India
(4-5-3) = 25 pts

sand dunes-
the kids catch raindrops
on their tongues

#171 Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Birmingham, UK
(5-3-4) = 25 pts

24 points – 5th place:

summer rain --
socks on the clothesline
still try to escape on tiptoe

#23 Ken Sawitri, Jakarta, Indonesia
(5-3-3) = 24 pts

22 points – 6th place (2):

a fair wind
the old sailor's mind
comes and goes

#52 Sandi Pray, Robinsville, NC, USA
(5-3-1) = 22 pts

uninterrupted sound
of whiteness

# 108 Maria Kowal-Tomczak, Opole, Poland
(5-2-3) = 22 pts

21 points – 7th place (2):

hot day idleness-
I am watching the puddle
turning back to cloud

#25 Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania
(3-4-4) = 21 pts

paper boats
drifting with the tide 
my childhood dreams

#106 Tristan Basco, Sydney, Australia
(2-5-5) = 21 pts

18 points – 8th place (2):

monsoon —
roaring ocean
of rice fields

#19 Minh-Triêt Pham, Paris, France
(5-1-1) = 18 pts

the summer rain
on your face
first freckles

#95 Zuzanna Truchlewska, Łaziska Górne, Poland
(3-3-3) = 18 pts

16 points – 9th place (2):

and after photos
the dolphin

#21 Julie Warther, Dover, Ohio, USA
(2-4-2) = 16 pts

first communion
in her white dress she jumps
over the puddle

#112 Anne-Marie Labelle, Montréal, Canada
(2-4-2) = 16 pts

15 points – 10th place:

cosmos in bloom
a drop of rain
shakes the univers

#13 Hélene Duc, Bichancourt, France
(3-2-2) = 15 pts

14 points (3):

around rotten bollards
wet crayfish backs reflecting
morning light

#62 Wolfgang Farin, Neu-Anspach, Germany
(4-1-0) = 14 pts

early showers--
mending her thatched roof
the young widow

#132 Yesha Shah, Surat, India
(0-6-2) = 14 pts

dense forest -
I hear
that it is raining

#145 Andrzej Dembończyk, Silesia, Poland
(2-3-2) = 14 pts

12 points (2):

One word in
oceans of sound.

#47 Joan McNerney, Ravena, New York, USA
(2-2-2) = 12 pts

drop by drop -
perfusion and rain
in tune

#70 Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă, Galaţi, Romania

11 points (3):

crystal clear waters
your reflection still there
at my shoulder

#27 Tracy Davidson, Stratford-on-Avon, United Kingdom
(1-4-0) = 11 pts

due date
a life peeks through
her broken water

#99 Maria Isabelita de Cello, Manila, Philippines
(3-1-0) = 11 pts

blue lagoon-
naked into
deep sky

#135 Dan Iulian, Bucharest, Romania
(2-2-1) = 11 pts

10 points (7):

drinks at sunset
a mob of wallabies edge
pink water

#3 Barbara A. Taylor, Mountain Top, NSW, Australia
(1-3-1) = 10 pts

trout stream  -
may-flies dance
then disappear

#9 John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland
(1-3-1) = 10 pts

plum plum plum
on the water surface
is jumping a pebble

#37 Janina Kołodziejczyk, Pavullo, Italy
(2-1-2) = 10 pts

grand canyon the colorado chips another flake

#43 Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, Waghbil Naka, Maharashtra, India
(1-3-1) = 10 pts

a guy with a glass of whiskey
begging for more ice

#56 Artur Lewandowski, Sieradz, Poland
(2-2-0) = 10 pts

remembering your face
the day you left

#105 Billy Antonio, Pangasinan, Philippines
(1-2-3) = 10 pts

above all else

#146 Joann Grisetti, Winter Springs FL, USA
(2-2-0) = 10 pts

9 points (4):

a stream after storm
proud of temporary name –
call me a river

#11 Wiesław Karliński, Namysłów, Poland
(1-1-4) = 9 pts

In ocean waves
Ups and downs
Such as my life

#54 Thomas Grabosch, Velbert, Germany
(2-1-1) = 9 pts

twilight -
the boatman thrusts the oar
into the bloody Sun

#96 Frătilă Genovel-Florentin, Rm-Sărat, Romania
(2-0-3) = 9 pts

after the hailstorm
a stream of petals
perfumes the road

#143 Margareta Hihn, Bockhorn, Germany
(2-1-1) = 9 pts

8 points (7):

I'm offered water
me, thirsty of

#40 Štefanija Ludvig, Dubravica, Croatia
(2-1-0) = 8 pts

along the river
the scent of dame's violets
unfolding the moon

#46 Ramona Linke, Beesenstedt, Germany
(2-1-0) = 8 pts

muddy water
with no clouds reflection
rice picker song

#53 Damir Damir, Kotor, Montenegro
(1-2-1) = 8 pts

at down
the cup of water for the night

#75 Maya Kisyova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(2-1-0) = 8 pts

on the river bank
a frog sits motionless –
the sound of water

#80 William Seltzer, Gwynedd, Pa., USA  
(2-0-2) = 8 pts

driftwood . . .
the sound of water
following me

#123 Jayashree Maniyil, Melbourne, Australia
(1-2-1) = 8 pts

cycling through
the blossom rain --
bike bells

#178 Tomislav Maretić, Zagreb, Croatia
(2-0-2) = 8 pts

7 points (8):

cool morning
bright cobweb line
across my way

#26 Pavel S.Vorontsov, Novosibirsk, Russia
(2-0-1) = 7 pts

She always longs for him,
endless as the wide sea, 
the sailor’s wife.

#35 Jef Ector, Genk, Belgium
(1-1-2) = 7 pts

behind the pavilion
the whole brass band in a line
the sound of water

#45 Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Viersen, Germany
(1-2-0) = 7 pts

pelting rain
the shrivelled blade of grass
parts the drop

#58 Claudius Gottstein, Borgloh, Germany
(0-3-1) = 7 pts

morning pond
swans and frogs look at oneself
in one mirror

#64 Vitali Khomin, Mukachevo, Ukraine
(2-0-1) = 7 pkt

river cruise
in the bow wave
a leaping dolphin

#103 Lynette Arden, Norwood SA, Australia
(0-3-1) = 7 pts

fading leaves falling -
the lake tries to imprison
moonlight in circles

#110 Miruna Covor, Bucharest, Romania
(1-2-0) = 7 pts

from the dog bowl
neglected toddler

#147 Susan Burch, Hagerstown, USA
(1-1-2) = 7 pts

6 points (9):

bead of sweat
at the tip of her nose

#1 Ignatius Fay, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
(1-0-3) = 6 pts

in its beautiest shape
the ice crystal

#44 Vladimir Ludvig, Zapresic, Croatia
(1-1-1) = 6 pts

warm rain…
…i am soaked
in you

#48 Sondra J. Byrnes, South Bend, USA
(0-1-4) = 6 pts

still puddle ...
a summer song
in each drop

#76 Vinay Leo R., Bangalore, India
(2-0-0) = 6 pts

floating on stars the aftertaste of saltwater

#92 Carl Seguiban, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
(2-0-0) = 6 pts

our unfinished tea
brims over the cups
sudden rain
#154 Petya Popova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(1-1-1) = 6 pts

a heron is looking on

#155 Zbigniew Mysłowiecki, Warszawa, Poland
(1-1-1) = 6 pts

Summer night -
the nightingale's trills
steal the soldiers' sleep.

#156 Zhanna P. Rader, Athens, Georgia, USA
(2-0-0) = 6 pts

old maid  in tears...
peering at all the rings
the water makes

#172 Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Botosani, Romania
(1-1-1) = 6 pts

5 points (10):

Just like a dew drop
Slowly becomes the ocean
Tears turn into smiles

#8 Claude Lopez-Ginisty, Saint-Triphon, Switzerland
(1-0-2) = 5 pts

Oh, holy water,
in thy bosom
the life was conceived!

#32 Dušan Đurišić, Podgorica, Montenegro
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

morning dew–
perhaps heaven’s tears
for mankind!

#50 Adjei Agyei-Baah, Kumasi, Ghana
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

rain patter
the leaking roof 
of my life

#60 Roberta Beary, Bethesda, Maryland USA / Ireland
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

Snow --
Just falling gently

#74 Francesco Gonella, Padova, Italy
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

I'm a little drop.
The stream takes me away - 
in the sea I get lost...

#85 Sidonia Pojarlieva, Sofia, Bulgaria
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

skimming stones -
an oyster catcher disturbs
the stillness

#125 Steve Wilkinson, Durham, England
(1-0-2) = 5 pts

shortest night
unceasingly drips the old 
tap in the kitchen

#128 Nijolė Kerušauskienė, Kaunas, Lithuania
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

water lilies
welcoming pilgrims
Zen temple

#133 Hidenori Hiruta, Akita, Japan
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

This jug of water
would show me all fine details
on Mary's T-shirt

#134 Marcell Domonkos, Celldömölk, Hungary
(0-2-1) = 5 pts

4 points (13):

watery eyes
hold my childhood memories --
whiff of raw mangoes 

#10 Archana Kapoor Nagpal, Bangalore, India
(0-1-2) = 4 pts

fine rain--
a tadpole wiggles
into a prince

#16 Meik Blöttenberger, Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

carp meander
through the leaves
river willows

#22 Simon Hanson, Allendale, Australia
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

first raindrops
soon the footprints of summer
shall fade away

#31 Willie R. Bongcaron, Manila, Philippines
(0-1-2) = 4 pts

summer shower
a couple clouds cry
crocodile tears

#63 Ingrid Jend, Cambridge, UK
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

ordinary days - 
just as every one of us 
raindrops are falling 

#79 Mihail Buraga, Bucharest, Romania
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

crossing a desert --
I carry a thirst for her
in my caravan

#97 Kumarendra Mallick, Hyderabad, India
(0-0-4) = 4 pts

wet leaves
the pond below wipes itself
for the next bubble

#101 Ajaya Mahala, Pune, India
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

rock pool reflection . . .
despite ripples I still see
my childhood

#113 Marion Clarke, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland
(0-1-2) = 4 pts

Family trip
to the lake – seven chicks
in tow

#119 Brigitte ten Brink, Konstanz, Germany
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

rain drops...
the scent of spring

#129 Padma Thampatty, Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA
(0-1-2) = 4 pts

for water at the village well …
the stars above

#139 Asni Amin, Singapore
(0-2-0) = 4 pts

Warm rain.
A celestial rainbow flickers
in the hollow of my hand.

#164 Ivanka Yankova, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
(0-2-0) = 4 pts

3 points (16):

Early, sleepy still,
up the winding rain-wet path
for Easter water.

#7 Horst Ludwig, St. Peter, MN, USA
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

water droplet
withholding in its womb
a spectrum

#29 Poornima Laxmeshwar, Bangalore, India
(0-1-1) = 3 pts

of paint on a canvas...
first drizzle

#42 Shloka Shankar, Bangalore, India
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

holiday on the sea –
dancing with strangers
a bouzouki song

#57 Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploieşti, Romania
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

eerie silence
from the sunken village
screams into the night

#66 Marija Pogorilic, Rovinjsko Selo, Croatia
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

Drops of heavy rain
Collide with my heart
Cleaning my feelings

#91 Fabián Padilla Hernández, Bogota, Colombia
(0-1-1) = 3 pts

as water as colorful
when you feel soundly.

#109 Ram Sharan Maharjan, Kathmandu, Nepal
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

the sky dressed
a long gown
colour of lead

#111 Branka Vojinović Jegdić, Podgorica, Montenegro
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

on the lake – fun runs into

#115 Sylvia Bacher, Bad Aussee, Austria
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

rain in the blossom
I am
dying bee

#137 Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lithuania
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

dew drops
new grass blades

#138 Francesco de Sabata, Pescantina, Italy
(0-1-1) = 3 pts

stepping stones...
the stream tiptoes all the way
till the moon

#151 Sanjuktaa Asopa, Belgaum, India
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

sudden rain
girl with sketchbook runs
like a streak

#152 Natalia Sedenkova, Samara, Russia
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

a lovers' quarrel
the stars sank
in the sea

#153 Lyudmila Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

grass through pavement
a cry of the newborn
while being baptized

#160 Arturas Šilanskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

shimmering air
a splash of water
binds the dust

#163 Benjamin Bläsi, Wünnewil, Switzerland
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

2 points (12):

Waves gently caress the skin
the dental prosthesis
Basically appears to

#15 Conny Hondt, Vienna, Austria
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

scorching sun…
even the scarecrow needs
Slip! Slop! Slap!

#33 Diana Teneva, Haskovo, Bulgaria
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

Near trouble water 
hatching  grass handle 
-- wild geeses

#77 Marie-Alice Maire, Rungis, France
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

flood ...
as if will set sail
this tombstone

Vania Stefanova, Sliven, Bulgaria
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

in the fountain of youth
troubled waters

#104 Bernard Gieske, Bowling Green, KY, USA
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

in every dewdrop
the silent
roar of a mountain cataract

# 131 Samar Ghose, Perth, Australia
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

hot morning
a pigeon drinks water
from a little bowl

#142 Evgeny Ivanov, Moscow, Russia
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

rain falls on the roof
pitter patter

#158 Asma Khan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

footsteps in the sand
licked by the sea
throughout the day

#166 Detelina Tiholova, Kustendil, Bulgaria
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

waterfall -
for frogs
endless rain

#168 Małgorzata Miksiewicz, Wrocław, Poland
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

Adam's ale--
the garden still holds
a secret

#169 James Dobson, Prudhoe, UK
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

St. John’s Eve –
will I smell you next year

#180 Ralf Broker, Ochtrup, Germany
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

1 point (15):

sea of tears
ancient pathway
of whale song

#2 Maureen Sudlow, Dargaville, New Zealand
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

Power escaped banks
Slowly river spreads fear
Over floded streets

#20 Katarina Pisačić, Varaždin, Croatia
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

thank you little prince
my soul the camel lady
spotting jerry cans

#28 Paul Mercken, Bunnik, The Netherlands
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

A drizzle
Streets seem like a dream
through the drops

#55 Mojgan Soghrati, Isfahan, Iran
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

on the cloudy pond backstroke of fallen cottonwood

#67 Ramesh Anand, Bangalore, India
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

in a night sky
slaking my thirst--
water bearer

#71 Devin Harrison, Vancouver Island, Canada
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

Rain from the sky.
In our hands caught
sun beating.

#86 Stoianka Boianova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

holy spray
ritual feasts
dreaming moments

#87 Minko Tanev, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

underwater backstroke
a shifting delusion

#89 Rochelle Potkar, Mumbai, India
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

Night stroll -
floating leaves
on the rain puddle

#90 Adriana Marcu, Nijmegen, Holland
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

rainbow on the husk -
the fish plundering colors
over the depth              

#100 Nada Jačmenica, Sveti Kriz Zacretje, Croatia
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

on the gazebo
overlooking the pond
a kingfisher sits

#102 Margaret Beverland, Katikati, New Zealand
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

rainwater -
my wedding dress
in the laundry basin

#144 Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, Bucharest, Romania
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

snuffing out
the war grave candles...
swollen stream

#161 Stella Pierides, Neusaess, DE and London, UK
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

The Sea

#179 Aleksandra Kireva, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

no points this time (40):

a backpacker -
transported by helicopter
middle of the desert

#12 Yuko Igarashi, Velbert, Germany

these dog days
the sweat on my brow resides –
drink of iced water

#14 Gillena Cox, Trinidad and Tobago

black waters on Black Sea -
democracy's Waterloo
crime on Crimea 

#24 Nicu Stopel, Bucharest, Romania

arms of the bank hold
silent flowing clear music
ripples born and dead

#30 Tahera Mannan, Nagpur, India

language's over the ocean
from all over the world
in lace-trimmed foam

#34 Vladimir  Šuk, Oroslavje, Croatia

Rain on the Alp -
the cattle ascends
roads descend

#38 Valeria Barouch, Geneva, Switzerland

night-lovers waiting for
moonlight on water

#39 Ferenc Bakos, Siófok, Hungary

reception at sea aquarium –
big fish in small waters,
small fish in big...

#59 Goda V. Bendoraitiene, Klaipeda, Lithuania

water-carrier pail
on the rim spreads wings

#61 Marta Chociłowska, Warsaw, Poland

on pale cheeks
her crystalline sadness:

#65 Munia Khan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

water in glass
overnight turned into ice
cold talk about us

#68 Dainius Dirgela, Vilnius, Lithuania

limitless Gobi...
herd of takhi* reaches water
within a day

*Takhi is the wild horse in Gobi desert.

#69 Tuvshinzaya Nergui, Tsetserleg city, Mongolia

oceans hiss sulfur
Kīlauea flowers red
misty veils hide shore 

#73 Brenda Davis Harsham, Boston, MA, USA

white doves on the sky –
from time to time driven by
the fishing float

#78 Adrian-Nicolae Popescu, Radauti-Suceava, Romania

he hobbles
with a cane over the bridge -
the river below

#82 Hartmut Fillhardt, Martinsthal, Germany

deep ocean vows
my daughter elopes
ferris wheel high

#88 Karin Anderson, Adelaide, Australia

she’s embroidering                                                                              
silk shirt
near the river

#93 Tatjana Debeljački, Užice, Serbia

Face to face
in that wild torrent
only death and I

#98 Milena Drpa, Modriča, Bosnia and Herzegovina

water falling fast...
bolides traversing the sky
forest taking root

#107 Jesus Chameleon fr., the Marianas, U. S. A.

parched earth
yearns for water
summer's last scourge

#114 Sandra Martyres, Mumbai, India

a rain drop
starts fall
... huge flood

#116 Shaestu Abida Bhirawasiwi, Jakarta, Indonesia

An ocean of
pink flower petals -
countless lives

#117 Ulla Conrad, Copenhagen, Denmark

clear sky-
a piece of mirror waning
on the path

#120 Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Ivanic Grad, Croatia

Laughing moon from the
town of pain slips away; makes
tonal dissonance.

#122 Marieta Maglas, Suceava, Romania

It's raining all night. 
Above the clouds 
the full moon shines.

#124 Franklin Magalhães, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

in a see trough river
shivering poplar

#126 Danica Bartulović, Podstrana, Croatia

tidal waves
lashed the beach frothing-
full moon gloats

#127 Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry, India

in a waterdrop
the remnants and beginning
of the spring

#130 Predrag Pera Čikarić, Kruševac, Serbia

Behind the curtains of the sky
the Moon comes out
reflected pearl in the calmly lake

#136 Ruzica Soldo, Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina

rainbow in the sky –
the colors is mingling
in the water mirror

#140 Maria Tirenescu, Cugir, Romania

two wedge-tailed eagles
spiralling the thermals
call in ecstasy

#141 Petrus Heyligers, Queensland, Australia

The summer rain
Where is my happiness?
In fern forest

#148 Virginija Sakalauskiene, Raudondvaris, Lithuania

Wedding bells -
a droplet begins to turn
on the downpipe

#149 Heinz Schneemann, Berlin, Germany

May rain.
Two little legs 
and a tail sticking up

#150 Zornitza Harizanova, Sofia, Bulgaria

puddle splash
what it takes for me
to get it

#157 Christine L. Villa, North Highlands, USA

in the noonday heat
plunging into the tarn -
clear blue sky

#159 Silvia Kempen, Apen, Germany

priceless teachings of
my precious kindest Lama
teardrops in my eyes

#167 Dovile Dragelyte, Vilnius, Lithuania

last tears
seemed to be ocean
only salt left

#170 Marek Skalski, Sanok, Poland

like a waterfall
flowing with the wind:
poplar fluff

#173 Gaby Csilla, Brasov, Romania

short downpour –
in spider’s web
rainbow drops trembling

#177 Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic, Smederevo, Serbia

no results (authors who didn’t vote - 14):

this stillness
may the new pond not be touched
by the wind's hand

#4 Kuheli Santra, Midnapur, West Bengal, India

dry river-
a butterfly sipping
the crocodile's tears

#5 Rita Odeh, Nazareth, Israel

symphony of light
throbbing on a waterfall...
aroma of dawn

#6 Keith A. Simmonds, Rodez, France

crows in the blue sky
no sign of rainclouds for weeks
harvest tanks singing

#17 Paul Amoz Tan, Melaka, Malaysia

Evaporation of the most precious
to the sky aloft
dripping dazzling back

#18 Irene Hondt, Vienna, Austria

lone morn...
breast fed child takes
first sip from bottle

#36 Hema Ravi, Chennai, India 

the babies weep
but their mothers are dry--   
crows in the sky

#72 John Daleiden, Sonoran Desert, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Raindrops start to fall
Smallest ocean ever seen 
I flush the toilet

#81 Niklas Holzapfel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

you're river,
but I am still the same –
not ship, nor wave

#83 Pere Risteski, Ohrid, Macedonia

Sea and sea-gulls on the horizon ...
Suddenly silver-blue thread grew
into wings.

#84 Nastya Bayraktarova, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

a monastery fountain
I sip secrets
from the pitcher on a chain

#162 Dilyana Georgieva, Bulgaria, Sofia

Blue serene sea
turned to whirlpool chasm of-

#165 Maria Clavita, Hiroshima, Japan

Water droplets ...
In rose's heart

#175 Slavka Stavreva, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

I call the sea
all breakers give me
a shrug

#176 Gerd Börner, Berlin, Germany


haiku #174 has been withdrawn from the kukai