The objective of this competition is to develop closer ties across the European community of haiku creators (although haiku authors from other parts of the world are welcome to submit entries as well). Starting 2018 we are planning one competition yearly: EUROPEAN KUKAI (in 2013-2017 we organized 4 separate quarterly competitions in each year: EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI). The competition is led in cooperation with the Publishing House KONTEKST from PoznaƄ.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Short summary of the first ten editions of EQK (2)

Winners (editions 1-10)

EQK #1 (topic: spring) - Artur Lewandowski, Poland

the widow buys
depilatory wax

EQK #2 (topic: summer) - Andrea Cecon, Italy

midday heat
the dog stretches its paws
one by one

EQK #3 (topic: autumn) - Sondra J. Byrnes, USA

harvest moon—
even if that was all
there was

EQK #4 (topic: winter) - Sara Winteridge, England

snow fall ~ realising the shape of things 

EQK #5 (topic: colors) - Kashinath Karmakar, India

faded album-
all the missing colours
of my childhood

EQK #6 (topic: water) - Rosa Clement, Brazil

stormy night
my umbrella gets home
before I do

EQK #7 (topic: animals) - Rita Odeh, Israel

moonlit river-
a giraffe sipping
the stars

EQK #8 (topic: cosmos) - Cynthia Rowe, Australia

neap tide
the old fisherman harvests
moon crystals

EQK #9 (topic: plants) - Arvinder Kaur, India

dandelions -
how i learnt
to let go

EQK #10 (topic: weather) - Iliyana Stoyanova, United Kingdom

distant thunder
a line of footprints still
escaping the waves

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